Goats For sale in Arizona

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13 days ago

Discover a fantastic opportunity in Arizona! We're offering a group of five exceptional 1-year-old wethers, each boasting an average weight of 80 lb.

These goats are not just any goats – they're purebred Nigerian Dwarf, known for their compact size and excellent meat quality.

If you're in the market for prime meat, these wethers are ready for the butcher.

Priced at a reasonable $150.00 per head, you can secure the entire group with a combined weight of 400 lb. 

Picture the succulent cuts and hearty meals these goats can provide!

Take note that transportation responsibility falls on the buyer, ensuring a seamless process for both parties.

Don't miss out on this golden opportunity to bring home top-notch goats for your culinary adventures. 

Act fast and savor the excellence these purebred Nigerian Dwarf goats have to offer!

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