Goats For sale in Florida

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13 days ago

Goats For sale:

Embrace the opportunity to enhance your farm with a quartet of hardworking does! We present four does, each 50% Boer with Kiko Cross, ready to bring their unique blend of genetics to your homestead. Priced at $400.00 per head, they offer a cost-effective and valuable addition to your herd.

Two of these does, aged at 1 year, boast striking red and white coats, while the other two, at 18 months, showcase a beautiful combination of black and brown. This diverse mix of colors adds vibrancy to your farm landscape.

These does are not just visually appealing; they are also registered and possess the desirable traits of both Boer and Kiko breeds. Whether you're an experienced farmer or just starting, these does are geared to seamlessly integrate into their new home.

Transportation responsibility lies with the buyer. If you're ready to elevate your farm's productivity and diversity, seize this opportunity to acquire these capable does. Contact us to discuss and secure these four valuable additions to your agricultural venture!

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