Goats For sale in Indiana

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Goats For sale in Indiana

Elevate your herd with a diverse selection of 34 exceptional doelings, ranging in average weight from 75 lbs. Priced at $300.00 per head, with discounts available for larger quantities, this offering totals an impressive 2,550 lbs.

The selection includes:
- 21 commercial Kiko/Savanna doelings, born in March/April, showcasing great lineage and potential as future does.
- 9 purebred Kiko doelings born in March/April, presenting a valuable addition to any breeding program.
- 4 exposed, high-percentage Savanna does, anticipated to kid from mid to end of March. These proven does have been exposed to a purebred buck.

The estimated weight variance is even, ensuring a balanced and diverse group. Whether you're looking to expand your herd or enhance your breeding program, these doelings offer a range of possibilities.

Transportation responsibility falls on the buyer, but the rewards of adding these quality doelings to your farm are well worth it. Act now to secure this unique opportunity, and contact us for more details or to discuss potential discounts for larger quantities. Your herd's future awaits!

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