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For sale: Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Meet our playful and inquisitive Nigerian Dwarf goats, a joy to have in the barnyard! They are full of personality, always checking out everything, and displaying their love for climbing and jumping. Our goats even have their own playground, adding to their lively antics. As far as goats go, we consider them the "monkeys" of the barnyard, bringing smiles to our faces daily.

In my journey with goats, I've experienced various breeds like Alpines, Toggenbergs, Nubians, Pygmies, Boers, and even LaManchas – a breed without ears! However, after discovering Nigerian Dwarf Goats in Hobby Farms Magazine, I couldn't resist trying this adorable breed. They are small, have a dairy frame, are full of personality, and incredibly sweet and loving.

My initial purchases, Georgia and Crockett, were more of a rescue than a sale, as they needed a caring hand to guide them through their early days. Subsequent additions to my herd came from Olson Acres and Critterhaven Farms, each with a unique and special story. Some, like Dolly, even had their share of adventures in the vet clinic – including an incident with a deposit slip on my desk!

Building my herd has not only been a journey in goat-raising but also in forming lasting friendships with fellow "goat people." There's something truly special about both the community and these little goats.

As a veterinarian, I prioritize the health of my herd. Regular testing for CAE, CL, and Johne's Disease, deworming as needed, quarterly hoof trimming, and annual vaccinations are all part of my meticulous care routine. Additionally, all my goats and their babies are disbudded (dehorned). Most of my herd is triple registered with NDGA, ADGA, and AGS, showcasing their pedigree. While I've recently opted for ADGA registration due to cost considerations, it remains a mark of quality for reputable breeders.

If you're looking to add adorable, healthy Nigerian Dwarf goats to your farm, consider joining our goat-loving community. Our goats bring joy and charm to any barnyard, and we take pride in their well-being. Contact us to learn more about our available goats and embark on a journey of goat ownership!

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