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Goats For sale in Maine:

Meet Walnut, a distinguished two-year-old proven buck with a lineage that includes notable Nigerian Dwarf and First Generation Mini-Nubian ancestry.


Sire: Honey Brook Farm Macchiato (Nigerian Dwarf)

SS: Tiny Hill Farm Dude of Thrones (Nigerian Dwarf)

SD: Lindalls Goatstead Kieran Blue (Nigerian Dwarf)

Dam: Copper Tail Farm Petal (First Generation Mini-Nubian)

DS: Copper Tail Farm Hansel (Nigerian Dwarf)

DD: Copper Tail Farm Cecilia (1st Generation Mini-Nubian)
Key Details:

Breed:1st Generation Mini Nubian

Date of Birth (DOB): 03/19/2021

Physical Traits: Walnut boasts captivating blue eyes and striking moonspots. As a smaller Mini-Nubian, he carries the charm of both Nigerian Dwarf and First Generation Mini-Nubian traits.

Proven Record:
Walnut has proven himself as a capable buck, siring several kids on the farm (check Marbell Acres '23 Kids Page for reference). His friendly demeanor sets him apart, showing respect for fences, other bucks, and does alike. While not an overly assertive buck, Walnut enjoys the occasional head scratch on boots.

Availability and Pricing:
Priced at $300, Walnut is ready to move to another homestead at any time. Despite not being registered, his lineage and proven track record make him a valuable addition to any breeding program.

If you're seeking a personable and proven buck with unique lineage, Walnut is your choice. Contact us to arrange a visit or discuss bringing Walnut to your homestead. Don't miss the opportunity to welcome this charming buck to your farm!

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