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Welcome to our family farm in Frederick County, Maryland!

Established in 2018, our small family farm nestled 15 minutes west of Frederick, Maryland, along Catoctin Creek and adjacent to the C&O Canal, is a haven for Nigerian Dwarf goats. Our mission is to build a herd of high-quality Nigerian Dwarf goats, all registered with the American Dairy Goat Association.

Our Nigerian Dwarf Goats:
Bred from superior Nigerian Dwarf stock, our goats are raised with care. All kids are bottle-raised, ensuring they are not only easy to handle but also excel on the milkstand. These goats make wonderful family pets, bringing joy and personality to your farm.

Additional Offerings:
Beyond our delightful goats, we also offer guinea fowl eggs during breeding season. Our guinea fowl enjoy a free-range lifestyle on our cultivated crops, pasture land, and forest, resulting in bright and flavorful eggs. Similar to chicken eggs but with their unique charm, guinea fowl eggs are a delightful addition to your table.

Hay Varieties:
To complement our diverse offerings, we provide two types of hay—nutrient-rich alfalfa and the classic orchard grass. Whether you're looking to enhance your goats' diet or feed other livestock, our quality hay is a reliable choice.

Experience the Farm Life:
Beyond the products, our guinea fowl are a spectacle to watch as they roam freely in the fields. Their wide-ranging diet and lively antics add to the charm of our farm.

If you're seeking exceptional Nigerian Dwarf goats, guinea fowl eggs, or premium hay varieties, look no further. Visit our family farm to experience the joys of farm life and discover the unique offerings we have in store. Contact us for more information or to plan a visit to our farm in beautiful Frederick County!

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